Honister Pass - Canon 5d w/17-40

Honister Pass in the Lake District, a narrow road that meanders up a 1-in-4 gradient to 1200ft before dropping into the next valley. The most daunting thing about driving up it is the cyclists that come hurtling down at 60mph.



  • tom

    Looks like an amazing landscape.


  • Jeff Walker

    Beautiful! Were at the TdF depart in Yorkshire with great memories of similar roads. We drove the course the day prior and saw 4-600 people out riding it the day before the Pro's. Saw several accidents where people were driving down those roads at speeds far beyond their skills. One particularly bad one - let's just say lots of blood...


  • Will Williams

    This scene very much reminds me of Alaska. Love the foreboding, dark clouds, it very much makes the image.


  • Nancy

    Love the dynamic in it!


  • Ian

    Love it! That road really leads the eye...


  • dmitry

    I like how the road disappears from the view, almost into the unknown. A very philosophical image!


  • Frank

    Just came back from Ireland and this makes me want to go back again. Beautiful.


  • shooter

    I ridden that route it's a killer, and this is a peach of an image