Jökulsárlón Beach - Canon 5d w/35mm

Chunks of ice on the famous, fabulous Jökulsárlón beach in southern Iceland. You can see how much ice is washed up on the beach in the background. It's a sight well worth seeing.

For a sense of scale, the main bits of ice you see in the image are larger than couches.



  • ROB

    Incredible. Really drawn to this image, the ice sure, but I like how you can peek over its shoulder and see the mountains in the background too.

    Certainly enjoying this Icelandic trip you are taking us on.


  • Miles

    Thanks Rob, I'm glad I took a few shots that weren't only focused on the ice. When you're there it's too easy to forget to show the wider context. It's a beautiful place.


  • yz

    wonderful light, this shot makes me want to go immediately to iceland :)


  • Ryan Pike

    Amazing capture, the lighting is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.


  • tom

    Wonderful light. I love the deep perspective as well!


  • paolo

    it's amazing, like a jewel on the beach. I mean it's the kind of thing that surprises you because it's out of the ordinary. fabulous!


  • Lilyan Petrov

    Incredible photograph. I love the black and white contrast and the sharpness of the ice. Great work Miles. You should be really proud of your work mate!