Kirkjufellsfoss, Iceland - Canon 5d w/17-40

The waterfall in the foreground here is Kirkjufellsfoss, named after Kirkjufell, the mountain in the background.

If you google "Kirkjufellsfoss" and look at the images returned you will see this is an extremely common viewpoint. Getting both the waterfall and mountain into the frame requires moving down to the level of the stream but when I was there the rocks were coated with ice and I didn't feel like chancing it! So I set up on the edge and took two shots to make a 'vertorama' and get the whole scene in one image.



  • Jessyel Ty Gonzalez

    Wow... your finest Iceland shot yet. Amazing!


  • faisal

    you and your blending-300-shots-into-one... quite showing off! :P

    brilliant as usual Squire.


  • Miles

    Cheers, gents!


  • ROB

    Impressive, even more so that its a "vertorama" and I would never have known without being told. Guess that is the point though.

    In any case, beautiful and cold. Think the dark treatment adds to that feeling of cold.


  • Frank

    Fantastic. Monochrome works so well with this.


  • tom

    Wow!!! Absolutely amazing shot.


  • Lilyan Petrov

    Amazing shot! The softness of the water is great. Great work as always Miles