Kirkjufell, Church Mountain - Canon 5d w/35mm

Kirkjufell (or Church Mountain, so named because of its grand shape) is a small mountain jutting out into the bay Breiðafjörður on the Snaefellsnes peninsula in western Iceland, near the fishing town of Grundarfjörður.

This entry marks nine years since I started this blog and I wanted to give a quick thanks to all those who have visited and provided endless inspiration. Cheers.



  • martin_d

    a big thanks goes out to you ;)

    nice to see this place with
    sun shining on it too :D
    had terrible wind/weather when we
    were there. but snaefellsnes was
    really great anyway!


  • Miles

    Thanks Martin, I was really lucky with the weather, nothing but sunshine for nine days in May!


  • Catalin

    Happy blog birthday Miles! Mine just turned 6 :)


  • faisal

    congrats squire. Cant believe we're still at it. Mine is also 9 in october! :P


  • Robert

    I love big, quiet photos of empty places that feel like portals you can step through and explore. Thanks for delivering them for the past 9 years!


  • tom

    Just beautiful. I am in the process of sorting and screening my iceland shots. Unfortunately, I had only one day on Sneafellsness which was much to short for this wonderful area.


  • Dawn

    I'm a bit slow on getting to this, but congrats on 9 years!

    And please keep posting your Iceland photos. I've been enjoying them so much.


  • ROB

    Well done. Daily visitor for those 9 years and have enjoyed seeing your changing views.


  • hans

    thanks for 9 years of inspiration!


  • Lilyan Petrov

    Beautiful work Miles! Loving the blue sky