Beach Stack in Iceland - Canon 5d w/35mm

A large rock, eroded from the Hjörleifshöfši promontory, sits near the southern most point in Iceland. The sea is quite distant from here, across the black sands of the Mżrdalssandur glacial plain, just visible on the horizon.

It's thought that Hjörleifshöfši was once an island but an eruption by the nearby volcano Katla deposited so much debris across this area the sea was pushed back several kilometres.

When I was here it was a rare day that the wind wasn't howling in this area. The wind can whip up great sand storms across the glacial plain and driving through them is risky, especially to rental car drivers since there's no insurance against the damage they can do to paintwork. You can see the sand blown up against the rock in this image.



  • Erin Wilson

    Wow... I don't think I've ever thought of rock as having 'gesture' before. This is wonderful.


  • milou

    Terrific forms.


  • Lilyan Petrov

    harsh environment!