Washing Line - Canon 5d w/Sigma 35mm

A washing line in southern Iceland.

Taken with the Sigma 35mm prime, the first of Sigma's new 'Art' line of lenses that aim to compete with the best from Canon and Nikon. The lens has been getting almost unreserved praise in reviews, with DxO Mark suggesting the lens sets a new benchmark for this focal length.

I used it a lot in Iceland, and whether it's wide open or stopped down it always performed beautifully, lots of contrast and detail, almost three dimensional results. This image (a vertorama made up of two horizontal images) was shot at f/1.4. I've never had a lens so usable wide open.



  • yz

    excellent shot, great mood


  • tom

    I like the mood and atmosphere this shot emenates. It generates a kind of solitude


  • shooter

    Love the balance on this


  • Joachim B.

    This is an amazing image well composed, with a great sense of depth. And that "lonely" feeling too!


  • Lilyan Petrov

    Amazing depth of field. I love the detail. simply awesome!