Sizewell Platforms - Canon 5d w/85mm

These two platforms sit offshore from the two nuclear power stations in Sizewell, Suffolk. Sizewell A is decommissioned but Sizewell B is active, and a Sizewell C is planned. The platforms service the intake and discharge tunnels used to run sea water through the cooling system. The outflow pipe created an area of warm water that was popular with swimmers, who would gather under the nearer outflow platform at low tide.

This was taken during daylight using a ten-stop ND filter to get a 30s exposure time.



  • shooter

    Eerie and haunting


  • j13ag0

    One has to wonder if the swimmers thought about why the water was warm.
    Beautiful shot.


  • Kevin G

    Awesome -- I'm a big fan of those beautiful smooth tones!


  • tom

    Wonderful! Love this long time exposure.


  • Lilyan Petrov

    lovely depth of field!