Frosty Day - Canon 5d w/17-40

It's been very cold in England with some snow and lots of lovely, photogenic frost.

Don't forget you can view this larger by clicking the button above the image.



  • tom

    Wonderful landscape. Like the snow ladden white landscape against the blue sky. I also like how you integrated the fence into the composition leading the eye to the big tree.


  • Kevin

    Very beautiful landscape and composition !


  • Fred

    You live in England? That's so cool. I always thought you lived in America. I'm from England. Used to live in West Kent, now I live in Herefordshire. I really like this photo because it's so hard to get a snowy day where there is also a nice blue sky. Most of the days we have had have featured an off-white grey-ish sky, not very suitable for landscape shots!


  • urban daisy

    Seeing this pic big is like taking a deep breath.


  • Lilyan Petrov

    Nice colour contrast!