Icelandic Horses - Canon 5d w/200mm Icelandic Horses - Canon 5d w/200mm

Icelandic horses are smallish but hardy, sometimes you see large men riding them, having to pull their feet up off the ground as the horse moves quickly along in a flurry of movement using the characteristic 'ambling' gait. They are the only breed in Iceland thanks to a ban on importing other breeds.

Also a big thank you to everyone who voted for this blog in the 2012 Photoblog Awards. Cheers!



  • Oh! Super gorgeous.


  • Beau Mitchell

    I really love the first photo. What a magnificent scene.

    I also find it really cool that there is only one breed of horse in the whole of Iceland. Thanks for that piece of information :)


  • faisal

    We used to get a crack out of the fact that time and time we'd see them all facing the same way... It was only after a while that we realised that the poor horses were standing with their backs to the winds! Hilarious.


  • urban daisy

    Great sense of space in the first pic.


  • milou

    Excellent, and congrats on the award.


  • Crash Ryan

    cute ponies! the right size for a Hobbit


  • Tony

    Love the first image placing the horses in context. A great couple of images!


  • Ed

    Your win is well deserved and among good company. I look forward to more in 2013. Amazing to see horses in such a northern, hostile climate.


  • Lilyan Petrov

    Beautiful work!