Southwold Beach Huts - Canon 5d w/17-40

I've started exploring English seaside towns a bit, enjoying the rather unique feeling and aesthetic they have. This was taken in Southwold, Suffolk, a quiet town with a tidy pier and seafront that lacks any of the bombastic features you often find on the English seafront.

This was taken using a ten-stop ND filter to get a long exposure during the daytime. This has the effect of blurring the clouds a bit but the filter also increases the intensity of detail and, especially in this shot, colour.



  • lomek



  • Maarten

    although very colourful, also a bit spooky :)


  • shooter

    Brilliant Miles I love the feel of this. If you get up towards the east coast email me I'd love to meet up.


  • Carsten

    Beautiful colorful photo - the ND effect with the ghost on the right side looks pretty cool !


  • Miles

    Shooter, will do!


  • JOHN

    still yet moving. so creative.