In The Light - Canon 5d w/85mm



  • shooter

    I love how you have implied the connection with the branch above, it gives an added dimension.

    Thanks for the link I'm glad you liked it.


  • urban daisy

    I love that bit of tree. Pity, Miles, that the patch of green on the ground wasn't a bunny. Then it would have been perfect for me. Or maybe a small bird. But that background and the pretty tree detail are begging for a bunny or a small bird. Just saying.. :-)


  • Miles

    So, you want me to put a bird on it? ;)


  • urban daisy

    Miles, if you just camp there for a little bit, comfy like, I'm SURE a bird or a bunny will come by.

    So.. yes, please. :-)


  • shell

    I love how you captured the light on the green as well as the leaves from above. It's showing what the small plants will soon grow up to be.