Waterfall, Iceland - Canon 5d w/17-40

I don't remember the name of this shallow but wide waterfall. It's off route 1, east of Selfoss. I know I'd remember the name if I heard it! This was my last day in Iceland and the clouds were spectacular.

This is a 'vertorama' image, two frames shot at the same location and stitched together vertically.



  • dirko

    That's Urrišafoss. Has a sign nearby stating that is was supposed to become a power plant, but after protests, this project was at least postponed if not cancelled. Really nice shot, seem to have accidentally deleted mine :(


  • Miles

    Yes! That's the one, thanks. I remember the story about it being saved from the power company. Thanks!

    Just read on wikipedia that there will be a hydro plant there, underground but the waterfall is expected to disappear. Damn shame.


  • Frank

    Nice shot. Seems like you encounterd cloudy weather for a better part of your visit.