Harbour Morning - Canon 5d w/85mm Harbour Morning - Canon 5d w/85mm

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So winter appears to be over in Toronto and we didn't have much of it at all - almost no snow, no storms, and no ice on the lake. Most people are pretty happy about that of course, but I missed the way winter changes everything, refreshes your view of familiar surroundings. Without that I found myself lacking enthusiasm and inspiration during a sullen November that's lasted four months. I love the changing seasons. I've lived in places where the weather is nice all the time, where it's either hot or wet, and it's too easy to lose myself, nothing marks the passing time and I start to slow down, wind down.

I'll be looking for inspiration in Iceland next month, from everything I've heard it's all around you, all the time. Looking forward to it.



  • Nancy Paiva

    That is awesome news Miles. Live on the edge!


  • Chris J

    A brave and thoughtful comment, Miles. Stunning pic, too.


  • Rob Kunz

    I couldn't agree more! We had the same kind of winter(lack of) here on the prairies. Enjoy Iceland! I am envious!


  • marc

    I'm with you, the lack of a true winter is a little disheartening. That being said, I'm jealous of your trip to Iceland, it's on my wishlist of photography destinations. Have fun!


  • harry

    Amazing color and very interesting composition.


  • tom

    The colors are amazing.
    Have fun in Iceland.


  • Matt Blackett

    Iceland is amazing. Its like visiting the moon (if you forget the people).

    Make sure to check out the variety of falls, the first site of Icelandic parliament, and go to small towns. Amazing people.

    But be warned of the showers: it smells like bad eggs cuz of something in the water. I had 45 sec showers during my time there. Just awful smelling (and I know it wasn't me!).


  • Matthias

    Iceland is a good decision - have much fun. I'm curious of your shots. Cheers ^^


  • Randy

    Indeed variety is the spice of life. The hues in this sunset are splendid.


  • Ian

    Stunning image! Even captured the little guy on the pole, amazing!


  • urban daisy

    Gorgeous shot. And I love it when it comes with a story. :-)


  • Marina

    great colours.
    Iceland sounds great - hope you come back with lots of photographs.


  • Françoise

    I completely understand what you mean about winter changing everything. I feel the same after coming back to France after having lived 2 years in Washington.... I miss it.
    the photo is really beautiful. the colors are stunning. orange, blue, purple, pink, they are all there