Swinging at The Ex - Canon 5d w/17-40 Swinging at The Ex - Canon 5d w/17-40

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The classic Wellenflieger swing ride at The Ex.



  • Matt B

    Love it! The light leaking in on the right is charming.


  • Since you're so good about answering questions...
    Was this particular image converted using the channel mixer?
    This is an interesting choice for black and white... Probably a very colorful scene, and my thought would have been to keep it that way. Looks great in black and white... Ultimately a good choice.


  • tom

    I like the dynamic in this shot. Excellent!


  • Wendy

    Did you shoot the original in black and white? If not, it would be interesting to see the before version like you's shown on so many other shots. I'd be curious to see the colors of the lights and how they convert to this.


  • Miles

    Thanks Matt!

    Anon, I usually use the channel mixer for black and white conversions but I rarely use just one. I might stack two or three channel mixer adjustment layers - each with a different colour bias - with layer masks to get the look I'm after.

    Why black and white? Various reasons, mostly I wanted to focus on the contrast and I've shot this same subject a lot over the years, mostly in colour.

    Wendy, this was shot as a RAW file with a digital camera but with the intention of being b&w. I have about seven long exposures of rides all of which are in black and white. I've added the colour version to the 'toggle' button so you can check out the original. As I mention above, I used two or three different colour biases in the conversion to b&w!


  • shooter

    Works for me miles.


  • I really like the color version as well.
    I love the way you're spelling "colour". I'm from Vermont and I thought that was a Quebec thing.


  • Miles

    It's an English thing ;)


  • Mohamed Photos

    I like how dynamic is the shot while people are fully clear in the photo.