Kensington Garden Car - Canon 5d w/85mm

The Kensington Market Garden Car.



  • sooz

    amazing photo! is that a tree growing out of a car!?


  • indiablue

    Any particular reason you went monochrome with this Miles? Also this looks a little too bright on my screen.. not sure if it's the photo or my monitor.


  • Walter

    Have to agree with indiablue - this is very bright on my monitor - I would say harsh. I'm using a HD flat screen. I'll look at it on a small laptop in a few to see if that makes any difference. No offense to you - just an interesting result.


  • Miles

    Thanks for the comments, it looks fine to me on my monitors - one calibrated, one 'normal'. I think it's just one of those things, sometimes an image nudges over a threshold and looks off on some displays, there's so much variation. It could be a matter of personal taste too :)


  • Drayke Larson

    I think the tonality turned out fantastically on my iPad screen. I love this image, such an interesting subject and the monochrome really makes it pop for me. Well captured!


  • Claus Petersen

    Why not turn a car wreak into a place of new life. Nice one.


  • Digital anomaly

    Love this shot, very interesting well done