Terminal Barber Shop - Canon 5d w/20mm Terminal Barber Shop - Canon 5d w/20mm

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The Terminal Barber Shop in Toronto.



  • tim

    this picture is crooked, and too dark as well. the monochrome shopping makes up for that a little by hiding the dark perifery of the shot. But it also creates a false sense of vintage, which can be liked or hated, according to personal taste. I like the original better but i can see the attraction in the shopped version.


  • Matt B

    I much prefer the b/w version. nice atmosphere.


  • bluechameleon

    I like the darkness and the silhouettes. The lights in the ceiling are cool, subtle.


  • Tom Toronto

    Photography aside, this is a great barbershop. Any guy with hair in the Bay & Dundas area should go there.


  • Claus Petersen

    It's a really cool atmosphere you have captured here..


  • Kevin

    I hate to be the critic that only speaks up when something's not A++, but I agree with tim in that it's a bit dark. The silhouettes are a nice effect... but overall it feels a little unfinished.
    I keep my LCD brightness up pretty high, and I just know that someone with a standard brightness would be straining to see features.

    That said, there are some real strengths... like the clarity of objects outside. some selective HDR work might preserve both. I'm fine with the slightly off-kilter angle, as it feels a little more whimsical and a little less formal.

    Black and white was a great choice here, IMO.

    Still—I hate to be a basher... so great work. I love watching these photos coming down the pipe...


  • Julie's Gallery Photography

    Superb low key! Plenty of room for your imagination. Good job!


  • Christopher

    I'm a big fan of this shot done very low key--it really creates a great mood and atmosphere. Nice shot!