Island Pier Vertorma - Canon 5d w/200mm Island Pier Vertorma - Canon 5d w/200mm

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A shot from last summer on the island.



  • Jonas

    WOW!... The exposure, colors, contrast and sharpness is so perfect it looks three dimensional. Almost as I was standing there myself.
    The composition is great and that seagull proves perfect timing.
    A 10-point -shot, Miles!


  • Uwe

    Superb light and colors. The bird is a perfect extra. Love it!


  • buntagphoto

    The composition is simple and very effective. The use of the small dark red areas to break up the field of gray is very clever.


  • lorenzaccio

    by moving the bird on the right you made the composition of this image perfectly balanced, plus with the color correction the image is more dramatic, very well done! thank you for sharing the original image as well... so instructive!


  • jess

    I'm quite drawn to the isolated feeling, the dock to nowhere. Thank you for sharing your original.


  • BlueCurl

    Amazing shot! I miss the beach and I love piers! Great composition!


  • Donna

    I just discovered the Toggle. Very cool. I see why you moved the bird - much better composition. It is almost too bright on my monitor - I want to try to view this on a different computer to see if the colors are different.


  • martin_d

    brr even if it was in summer ..
    it looks like it was freezing cold


  • Anthony

    I agree with the comments above, moving the bird balanced the shot out. Great shot though