Street Lamp in the Snow - Canon 5d w/200mm Lamp in the Snow - Canon 5d w/200mm

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A street lamp in Toronto during a recent snow storm. This image is made up of nine different images. Click "Toggle Original" to see how the shots were arranged.



  • martin

    Miles this is a like a scene from Narnia.


  • slot makinaları

    Great photo. Not just ones on this post, all of them on your whole site. They provoke my emotions. Thanks for them...


  • foto-fan

    snow,snow and once more snow,have the same scene .
    Exellent idea with nine shots.


  • Tim Woodward

    Lovely evocative image, just watched The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and I expected to see a Faun standing under the lamp! :-)


  • Anthony

    Excellent shot of a snowy scene.


  • aMa

    The toggling mode is fantastic. I love to see the before and after with a click. I also shoot some pictures this way using a long focal length lens you have the advantage of minimizing angular distortions and they tend to compose better when you put them together. Excellent job. You have a very good eye out for things.