Crossing the Snowy Street - Canon 5d w/200mm Crossing the Snowy Street - Canon 5d w/200mm

Toggle Original Image

If you compare the original with the final image you'll see that I added some space at the top of the frame and removed a pole from the left side that I found distracting.



  • Nicki

    Like it :) but also prefer the original!


  • dennis

    Loving the toggle option. Always curious to see inside other people's processes, especially people who's end result I admire. I may just learn something ;)


  • BlueCurl

    The man's face reminds me of overy one complaing about this type of weather!

    I like the depth the snowfall creates!


  • John Harvey

    Agreed, I like to original for some reason. Maybe the natural vignetting. But the update has to color correction for the white snow. NICE!