Hungry Bird - Canon 5d w/200mm Hungry Bird - Canon 5d w/200mm

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This bird was hungrily snapping at the snowflakes.



  • Frida

    Not the best time of year for them.


  • Theys

    Excellent photo!


  • Paul

    Love this photo.

    Just want to add that I am using firefox(if that matters) and whenever I hit it to toggle the page it seems to refresh the page and bring it back to the top- which isn't very far but I do have to scroll just a tad on my screen to see the link to click(1280x800 res)


  • John Harvey


    I'm using FireFox too and thought the same, but there are subtle seems that everything shifts up/down.


  • Russ

    Nice shot.


  • Miles

    I'll see what I can do about the page moving. It's because I'm having to remove one image entirely, then fade in another, rather than simply fading one image out to reveal the other - I'll review the system this weekend, I did this version in 15 minutes. I can target the top of the image that's being faded in/out.