Running for the Streetcar - Canon 5d w/200mm Running for the Streetcar - Canon 5d w/200mm

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There are going to be quite a few snowy pictures coming up this week and another storm is due this weekend. I love how snow can transform the city and create fresh inspiration in familiar places.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've added a "toggle original" button that will swap the image between pre- and post-processing versions. Read the previous entry for more information.

As you can see, the black and white conversion is straightforward and I cropped the image slightly - I wanted to remove distractions at the edge of the frame. I might have been happy posting the unprocessed image but I have a thing about red and green clashing.



  • martin

    Love this and you're right snow makes everywhere look special.


  • Stephen

    I'm really liking the new Toggle feature. Loved when Nightengale added it and hopefully many more will adopt it as it helps inform new photogs like myself.


  • chantal stone

    I like the b&w version. The original is great....but the color fromt he lights makes it busy...idk, there's a lot of movement. The b&w feels more like a moment FORZEN in time....quite literally. Well are amazing :)


  • minimodi

    nice one!


  • foto-fan

    great shot.I ve about 1,5 m snow outside.


  • Christian Carollo

    Great capture of a 'moment in time'! The b&w really makes it stand out.


  • Tolga

    This is a great shot.
    I loove the interaction of the character and the tram.


  • Devon

    Good job you don't live in the UK, no way would that tram be running!
    Great shot!


  • tim

    i liked the picture better before seeing the original. interesting....