Leaves Left - Canon 5d w/200mm

More from the archive. Some new shots soon!



  • beyondbluestockings

    Miles, it always seems a little odd when you mention the shot is from the archives as though you are ...apologetic - they are new to your visitors, regardless of how long you've had them : )


  • kendall

    I agree. I used to feel the same way (the need to apologize), but given the wholesale lack of time in recent years, I have no qualms about it.

    I guess we all started this thing as a 'daily' exercise (years ago). To me the important element is the imagery, not the frequency.

    And beyondbluestockings is right -- archive for you is still new for us!


  • Miles

    Thanks guys, it's true that it probably doesn't matter to the visitor when the images are from. Mentioning it is probably just a way of reminding myself I need to shoot more, or am unhappy with recent shots.


  • Ben

    simple but great. nice colors!


  • courtney

    speaking as a vistor, I like it! The colour is stunning!