Duck - Canon 5d w/200mm + 2x converter

I recently had the chance to play with a Canon 400mm f/2.8 L lens, courtesy of Chris. It's a behemoth with about an acre of glass at the front!

This shot isn't from that lens though, this is shot with a "home brew" 400mm - my 200mm with an old store brand 2x converter. Obviously the images from this combination can't compete with the sheer gorgeosity of the 400mm prime but I think it does ok, this image is pretty much straight out of the camera.



  • btezra

    the color temp is quite nice


  • ella

    more than fantastic colours.


  • Mary Anne Carter

    That is amazing. What prompted you to switch lenses?


  • Verónica

    What a moment capted! Great quality and deep of field!


  • beyondbluestockings

    You could try your new set up on a serious birding excursion. It's kind of a waste to have lens power and *not* shoot cute birds... : )

    (Not complaining, honest, because your sparrow pics were something grand, but I'd so like to see some out-of-the-city bird pics)

    You could pretend one weekend that you like nature photography :D


  • Tom

    Quacking shot... :-)