Autumn Bench - Canon 40d w/50mm

A shot from the archives.



  • Glen Webber (NZ Wildlfe Photography)

    Nice little shot. The colour and texture in the top of the bench works really nicely. The background being "just" out of focus rather than completely adds also.


  • Matt B

    Coulda sworn this was a Davin Risk or Gayla Trail photo.

    (in a good way).


  • ROB

    Makes me think that summer must be nearly over for you.


  • Miles

    Matt, that's always a good thing to say!

    ROB, it's actually about 40 degrees right now and the city is under an 'extreme heat alert'! We had a quick taste of autumn cool last week but that's over now. This shot is three years old but autumn will be here soon, my favourite season.