Pedestrian Sunday Iguana - Canon 5d w/20mm Pedestrian Sunday Iguana - Canon 5d w/85mm

Wandering through Kensington Market during Pedestrian Sunday you never know what you're going to find.



  • Glen

    Your top Iguana capture is beautiful. The shallow dof works so well here!


  • Miles

    Thanks Glen, I was interested in how the two different lenses I used showed the out of focus areas. The top image was shot with a Sigma 20mm and the second image with a Canon 85mm, both wide open at f1.8. The Canon definitely has smoother, less 'blocky' OOF areas. The Sigma is interesting though, I don't like some of the hard lines in the bokeh but the overall effect isn't unpleasant.

    Fast wide angle primes are a lot of fun!


  • Tolga

    I agree. The top photo definitely came out beautifully. I do like the hard contrast, shallow dof look.


  • Tom Clark

    I love his tail curling round in the background in the top photo.


  • Michael Ririe

    Love the depth of field, and perspective of that first photo!


  • Claus Petersen

    It's always nice to have a friend, and this is certainly a very colorful and spiky one :-)