Sugar Beach park - Canon 5d w/20mm

Open this past weekend to the public this is Toronto's newest - though still unfinished - park, Sugar Beach Park, part of the ongoing revitalisation of the lakefront. Like HTO Park further along the shore, Sugar Beach features a manufactured sandy beach with large permanent umbrellas in place. The umbrellas will come in different colours but so far only the pink ones have been installed, perhaps to help celebrate Toronto Pride weekend.

The park also features an arcade of trees, some large rocks with stripes painted on them, a performance space, and a view of the Redpath Sugar Refinery, where views of huge vessels laden with sugar divesting their cargo close by can be quite spectacular.



  • ROB

    Love the super saturated blue sky. In summer here the sky gets washed out.


  • Hanif

    I can relax with see this blue.