Cherry Beach BBQ - Canon 5d w/85mm



  • Rico

    Hi Miles,

    Thanks for this nice shot, I really love it.
    I was wondering, is it the dop from the 85mm lense you have used, or have you added some blur with PS?


  • Miles

    Hi Rico, the depth of field is not faked but the image is made up of about 6 different overlapping frames taken from the same spot then merged together to form one image. This enables me to stand closer to the subject and thus each image has a shallower depth of field than would be possible with the 85mm if you stood back to capture the whole scene in one frame.

    Here's another image made the same way but captured before the various shots are merged together:


  • Roberta

    Nice work. It has a terrific vintage feeling to it from both the B&W, but also the light and subject.


  • JD

    DOF is amazing in this, it looks 3D, cool shot