Pulling it Down - Canon 5d w/85mm



  • sázky

    whats a colours.Great.


  • Martin

    Love the placement within the frame, and the colours, wonderful shot.


  • Jim

    Whats the post processing here? Minimal? One frame?
    I follow your blog and am curious to know how much of what you do is done in camera and how much is done after the fact.
    You like that 85, huh?


  • Miles

    Jim, there was very little done to this, just some tweaks in a RAW converter and a slight crop. I have no single approach to processing, some shots are heavily photoshopped because I'm trying to match the image I saw in my head when I clicked the shutter, others are close to out of the camera, like the shot of the drummer a couple of days ago, I did less to that shot than to today's. I used to do a lot more processing before I bought the equipment that could give me the kind of result I wanted without having to, for example, fake a shallow depth of field.