John Street Roundhouse - Canon 5d w/17-40

The John Street Roundhouse, now the Toronto Railway Heritage Centre with an impressive display of old trains, railway buildings and simulations.



  • Eugene

    I like this Miles, though perhaps the vignette is a bit too strong: I feel like that building on the right *is* part of the composition, so it disappearing into the blackness feels odd.

    What's your take on vignetting in general, by the way?


  • Mehdi

    I like strong contrast of your shot, although it's in a high level but it dose not cause to miss any detail of environment.


  • shabnam yasmin

    nice photography !!


  • faisal

    Eugene is crazy. One can never have too much vignetting. :-)

    Love this.


  • Harry Murdoch

    I agree with Eugene, the high contrast in general works very well though. Great shot.


  • Miles

    Eugene, you're right that the condo on the right is part of the image's structure but without smothering it a little with the vignette it was too strong a part, tipping the image to the right.

    As for the rights and wrongs of vignetting, like anything I'm open to it. Whatever I think works for the image I'm happy to include.


  • Herbert

    By the first look i think this on the beach. The contrast is not to strong.


  • beyond bluestockings

    While the vignette does look a little like you were shooting from under a cap, I agree that the right side of the image, containing both the tallest building, the converging lines in the foreground, and the unbroken line of the building in the midsection, would be over weighty without it.

    You certainly seem to have an abundance of fixed umbrellas in your city, Miles.


  • sázky

    great b/w picture


  • SmileTO

    Love the view... great use of BW..