I shot this video for Torontoist in Lower Bay Station, a disused TTC subway station.

Over the weekend passenger trains were passing through the station because of maintenance works on the regular route. It was a rare opportunity for people to see the station and we persuaded the TTC to let us into the station to capture the event.

I used the 5d and two prime lenses, the 85mm f/1.8 and the 20mm f/1.8. The part shot on the train is horribly shaky I know.



  • Vincent V

    Excellent, but why the metro station is empty?


  • frankdejol

    Cool clip!
    Image and sound!


  • Shane

    Great post. Loving the video.


  • sazkove

    Nice to see something new.Thanks.


  • ROB

    This is cool and I would not have notice shake on the moving carriage unless you mentioned it. The short depth of field works really well as do the cuts to differing camera angles. Out of interest was it all shot at the same shutter speed?


  • Miles

    @Vincent It's a disused station, the trains only pass through and do not stop.

    @Rob, I'm not sure about the shutter speed of stuff shot on the train but everything else was the same, 1/60s. The lighting done there was pretty even as you can imagine and I just adjusted the aperture a little from shot to shot.


  • Michael

    I really enjoyed this post! It's a really amazing perspective with the fixed camera staring at mostly fixed shots - it's as if you're still looking at a static image but something is moving in one part of the picture. Very intriguing! Thanks!