Under the Gardiner - Canon 5d w/85mm

Another montage shot with a telephoto lens to produce a wide field of view and extreme depth of field. Cick here to see the shots arranged in Photoshop before I blended them together.

I didn't set the exposure to manual for this montage as I normally do. This made blending more difficult but created a wider range of tones to work with.



  • Kasra

    Hi Miles,
    a huge fan of your work! I read your comments about the previous picture that it was as series of pictures stitched together. did you change your depth of field for each of these pictures. I want to know what your settings were. it'd be great if you can share. thanks


  • jelb

    A nice effect of depth for a sad scape..bravo!


  • Miles

    Kasra, this is also a series of images stitched together, see the original linked above. I set the focus to manual and it didn't change from shot to shot.


  • Kasra

    excellent! thank you for your input. look forward to seeing more of your great work.


  • sazkove

    nice,second part of project?Great


  • lnoyl

    really cool. a lot more photos went into that than I would have guessed;


  • Paddy

    By extreme depth of field I gather you really mean extremely shallow depth of field.


  • Hayley

    I am in love. This is really great.


  • Alex

    Ive tried this myself, and im curious, have you just used the auto align feature on photoshop? It seams like a mammoth task to do without... just how skilled are you?