5cm Snowpocalypse - Canon 5d w/17-40

Toronto has had one of its least snowy winters on record so far, and normally a mild snow storm like yesterday's wouldn't have been news but, in context, it was our own 5cm "snowpocalypse".

Also posted at Torontoist.



  • Fernando Rodríguez

    I like the shot, good angle and atmosphere in the composition. I like the soft tones and shapes in the background.

    Good exposure too.

    Good job. Congratulations.


  • Frida

    I think we have gotten your snow really. Doesn't seem to be an end to all this snow.


  • tomms

    this is awesome, i love the faded foot prints


  • beyond bluestockings

    I can't decide if I like your composition :)

    The lines in the foreground give the picture strength, and rescue it from "all very in the middle-ness" but at the same time I feel they make the other elements of the image; trees, building, flag, almost superfluous.

    It leaves me thinking your picture is telling two different stories?


  • Jonathan

    I wish it would snow down here in Australia - It's been hot hot hot. I hope you're all appreciating the snow!


  • photo contest

    Great photo... love the snow and the contrast!


  • Roland: frame[stop]

    I like the composition a lot. The "down" stairway is a nice focus.


  • minimodi

    hmm, here it's been snowing like never before - most snowy winter ever - maybe we got your snow...


  • Fotografia Slubna Warszawa

    I like very much this kind of composition