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Happy new year everyone! I was surprised to learn that Mute has won Photoblog of the Year at Thanks to everyone that has supported this site over the years, it's much appreciated.

I thought I would do something different to mark the new year. I'm using a nifty plugin to show the difference between the original RAW file and the finished image. The amount of post processing I do varies with each image but I thought this shot of the old Leuty lifeguard station had a good amount of colour and tone work done.

Let me know if this is of interest and I'll start showing a before/after regularly and explaining more about the processing involved. If you have any problems viewing the widget leave a comment.

Update: I've replaced this widget with the before/after 'toggle' that I'm now using regularly on the site.



  • John

    Impressive. I remember NYT Online using this technique to great effect. Looking forward to another year of Mute.


  • RunningTracker

    I'd definitively be interested in learning how you post processed your wonderful pictures !


  • Niklas

    Miles, I love you! ;-)

    Thanks for the fine plugin. There will be so much to learn from you the next month.
    You are my greatest inspiration and influence next to Shane Mielke and Archie FlorCruz. I appreciate your work and hope that photography will stay with you forever.

    All best wishes for 2010 and best regards from Germany,



  • Ali

    Great Idea Miles. Always enjoying your photos!


  • bukmacher

    Super project,Best wishes for 2010


  • Mungo Fetch

    Your pictures are impressive. Great work! And great idea. All the best for 2010.


  • laanba

    Congratulations again on Photoblog of the Year.. So well deserved!


  • miklos

    jquery before/after huh... neat trick


  • Mirko Herzner

    I would absolutely love to hear a bit of technical stuff from time to time. Have a great start into 2010.


  • Al

    My first comment after following this blog for over a year, so let me say "thanks!" for all the inspirational photos you've posted here on Mute.


  • Justin Van Leeuwen

    the plugin is cool, and SOMETIMES I'm curious about post, but that's certainly not why I look at your images every day.

    It may be tedious to always use it, and certainly un-necessary with your more journalistic shots.

    But I also know a lot of people out there think a good photo is the result of good processing, and not that the processing augments an already great shot. It may be educational for many to see just how LITTLE goes into some shots as well as the more processed ones. To illustrate there's no compensating for good framing & technique.


  • Robin

    Looks great Miles. Love seeing what you do with your photos.


  • Jim

    I think this is great!

    I would love to learn more about the processing you do to your images, they always turn out so perfect!

    Keep up the great work!


  • Ekrem


    It'd be great if you could give more information about processes involved. Cheers!


  • beyond bluestockings

    Congratulations on the award, Miles. Of course, it is merely confirmation of what most of us already know. =)

    I like the pre/post processing option - thanks for sharing!


  • Jasper

    All the best for 2010!


  • Zoe Georgiou

    This is great. preferably i like the one on the right. but this is an amazing shot.


  • sazky

    what can i say-extremly good.
    Great start into 2010.thanks


  • Otto K.

    what a cool plugin.

    congrats and happy 2010!


  • Pierce

    Genius idea. Please continue!


  • Pants

    Would love to hear more about your pp! Great idea!


  • Yvonne

    Cool plug in! Congrats on the win!!! I would love to see before and afters with explanations if you are up to it.


  • Miles

    Thanks a lot everyone, I'll definitely put some detailed before/afters together in the near future.


  • Miles

    Justin, it would certainly be a once in a while thing, and probably just for images like this one that I've already posted previously. You're right that the amount of PP I use varies a lot depending on the subject. One thing that might be interesting in a relatively straightforward shot is how much adjusting white balance in a RAW shot can make a difference.


  • Lisa Butler

    Congrats! Thanks for your blog, it's great :)


  • atzu

    Congratulations for the prize!
    And also, I must say this plugin is stunning !


  • 9

    congratulations on the award.

    you are right it's a nifty plugin.
    I am learning to appreciate processing thanks to you :)


  • minimodi

    I really like that new plugin - more of that thanks! happy new year!


  • Polydactyle

    Always great work. Excellent job on colors and light. Congrats!


  • dennis

    Happy New Year, and congratulations on the award, Miles. Well deserved :)


  • Ry

    Wow! Congratulations on Photoblog of the year! That's really incredible.

    Really love this plugin and I'd love to see more before and afters.


  • Shreyans

    This is fantastic, would love to see more photos with the plugin and explanations on processing.


  • Mike

    Very nice. The striking thing about this to me is the normal thought to enhance the orange sky, but what you've done makes the image far better, giving it a bright coolness. Very nice.

    On a side thought, I only see two images at the same time, not the before/after plugin on IE and FF.