Candlelight Vigil for Climate Change - Canon 5d w/85mm Jack Layton at the Candlelight Vigil for Climate Change - Canon 5d w/20mm Candlelight Vigil for Climate Change - Canon 5d w/85mm Candlelight Vigil for Climate Change - Canon 5d w/20mm

Another candlelight vigil in Toronto, this time for climate change and in colour. More shots from this event tomorrow.

On a technical note these were all shot at 6400 ISO and cleaned up with Neat Image. I used to cringe using 1600 ISO on the Canon 20d, now I don't hesitate to use 3200 and when needed 6400. The new Canon 1d4 has apparently raised the bar even higher.



  • Jeroen

    As always, your pictures are outstanding! Hi from Holland!


  • lisa Butler

    These are fantastic. The natural light...the warmth of the candle light is wonderful.


  • Frank Wollinger Fotograf und Fotostudio aus Osnabrück

    natural light is always best


  • Bubba

    Yes, just think how all those burning candles are helping the world's climate.

    (Actually, some of them are electic lights, so... just think of how all that battery production is helping the world's climate)


  • Frida

    You have captured the mood I think. Great series.


  • Drew Poland

    Fantastic shot, you have indeed captured the mood.


  • leroy m

    i like these.
    what is "neat image"?


  • Miles

    Neat Image is a noise reduction plugin for Photoshop. You can download profiles that are tailored to your camera and the specific iso you used. It works really well, even as full size 21mp files there's no noise on these now.


  • RPepper

    Incredible set of shots. Can't believe they're 6400 ISO.


  • Krista

    Great shots of the vigil!


  • Prashant

    Amazing shots!!! Specially the one on the top!


  • bukmacher betathome

    as aways great pictures.Light are exelent


  • Trancerapid Photography

    Sometimes it is just so simple.
    Keep up the nice work :)