Dawn - Canon 5d w/17-40

I thought this picture of dawn breaking would be more interesting. I made up for my disappointment by going a little nuts with the curves tool in Photoshop.



  • Martin

    Has a very 'film' feel to it. I like.


  • Cees

    Those colors, wauw!


  • Otto K.

    very cool result. :)


  • DaWaBZ94

    Vignetting a little too much for me but superb result !


  • Jonathan

    You should go nuts more often!


  • Delisha

    That is amazing!!


  • fotoworld

    super and once more super shot


  • Jordan

    Very nice work, Miles.


  • Adri

    How do you feel Miles about the fact that everybody always praise all of you pictures ? For this reason only, I will dare to say I do not like this one (even though I agree with all the previous comments...)


  • leroy m

    let's be honest.
    this is a bad photo.


  • johnny

    Terribly interesting? No, but it's not a bad photo -- let's be honest. A little high on the vignetting, I agree. But everyone needs a little Photoshop freak-out at times. I know I do.


  • Miles

    Lol, I appreciate the fact that people take the time to comment, positive or not, and I understand that photography is highly subjective, it doesn't get to me either way. All I do is share images, it's not meant to be a portfolio and I don't ask people to vote for me in competitions, this is a creative outlet, it's just supposed to be fun! I don't claim to be a good photographer, in a technical sense I'm an absolutely horrible photographer, and I am certainly not an 'artist', but images speak for themselves and we all hear something different.

    I'm fine with negative or positive comments, if people are reacting to the image in any way then I'm happy. I only delete outright rude or spam comments. It does intrigue me that almost all negative comments, no matter how constructive, are anonymous. There are no sacred cows here.


  • Polydactyle

    Very nice colors. Excellent work


  • leroy m

    i am "anonymous" because i do not give out my email address.
    i do NOT have a blog or website. i just like looking at photographs. you have some interesting photos. this one surprised me on the negative side. i enjoy looking at your photos. i am retired and visit almost daily.


  • Miles

    No worries Leroy, I wasn't actually referring to you but to the comments without a name. Having said that it was just an observation, I don't require that you enter any personal information to make a comment, not even a name.

    My thought was triggered by the fact that some anonymous comments are actually from people who otherwise include their name in comments (my stats include a compilation of comments by IP) and I just wonder if it's because they think I would be upset or something, which I'm not.


  • Joanna

    well, it's a cool effect you've achieved!


  • RPepper

    Beautiful colors. I can really appreciate the need to go nuts in photoshop sometimes. So fun!


  • Turnbill

    I like the processing - even though it's a bit over the top.


  • James

    very nice!


  • Matt

    hmm, interesting shot, some kind of lomo effect?


  • Delbensonphotography

    This is very interesting. This is beutiful! You did a great job! Be happy!