Watertable under the Gardiner - Canon 5d w/17-40mm

This is an installation called "Watertable" by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak under the Gardiner Expressway. You can read more info on Spacing Wire. This is a crop of the original image which is a wider panorama made up of three frames.



  • Eugene

    Wow, that looks beautiful! Great shot :)


  • Mirko Herzner

    What a beautiful color. An interesting project for sure...


  • Ariel

    That blue color really stands out. Very nice composition, showing a cut on the continuity of the highway.
    It would be nice to see the same thing with the rest of the lights off...


  • Sonja

    Awesome work! I love the angle you took the shot in. Really makes the expressway stand out in its height!


  • ROB

    ol' Frederick G. Gardiner would be turning in his grave. Although he may be happy at someone showing off and enhancing the space rather than planning on ripping it down.


  • laanba

    We have some landscaping under some of our freeways with special lighting. I would never have thought that freeways could be beautiful, but it really is.


  • Peter Crock

    Cool installation! I'm surprised I'm just finding out about this now.


  • pernilla

    Love the blue! Interesting installation. great capture.


  • Frida

    Great POV and that blue color is super :-)