In The Park - Canon 5d w/85mm

Outside the Metropolitan United Church in downtown Toronto.



  • David H-W

    What a smashing autumnal shot - just lovi'n that contrast!


  • Frida

    Love this shot, as David says the contrast is great.


  • remy Choquet

    very nice B&W here!


  • minimodi

    great shot. though its alot of things happening in the picture it looks clean. maby its the b&w or the dof, dunno but its beautiful!


  • zambrean

    Beautiful B&W. Reminds me the winter days.. or spring..

    Very beautiful!


  • johnny

    Miles, I wonder how this would have looked with a shallower DoF.


  • Miles

    Thanks! I should mentioned that this shot is made up of 6 images all shot wide open at f/1.8. The shots were stitched together in photoshop to make the result you see here.

    To get this kind of effect in a single frame you would need an f/1.2 or f/1.0 lens, or a large format camera!


  • beyond bluestockings

    aesthetic delight!


  • Donna

    Interesting that you were able to take 6 shots and make this. Very creative!


  • johnny

    Thanks for explaining. I should have noticed by the perspective that this was an unusually shallow DoF already. This is an effective alternative to a wide angle tilt-shift.


  • Miles

    Yeah, this technique is the only way to get a shallower depth of field with a 35mm platform.

    My problem with a tilt and shift lens is that it doesn't actually create depth of field. It ignores the visual planes, just blurring everything in the selected area no matter how deep it sits in the image. The blur is genuine, and very pretty if used right, but it's also indiscriminate. Of course, that's not what it was designed to do in the first place.


  • laanba

    Trees are always such a beautiful subject as demonstrated here. Would love to just walk through this image hearing the crunch of leaves under my feet.


  • Raul

    wonderful black and white, is made in infrared?



  • Lisa

    Love the shot and the fact that it's black and white. Nice!


  • martin_d

    dunno why. but this reminds me of some kind of japanese garden, shown in some movies :D
    maybe it's just the kind and the arrangement of the trees + fallen leaves.. whatever


  • r-dean

    love the graphic quality of this.