Untitled - Canon 5d w/85mm




  • Claus Petersen

    Simplicity in the finest form.


  • olgafoto

    simply nice composed and i like colors


  • RPepper

    Oh wow, stellar shot of a simple scene. Love how the rust just pops. The DOF is great too.

    I wonder what it was?


  • Matthew

    At first I thought "swingset", but really it's hard to get a sense of scale at all. I like the ambiguity of it.


  • Pierre

    Perfect DOF on this one.


  • pernilla

    Strange and nice shot of this thing. My thought was also "swingset" but I dont get the feeling how big it is.
    I like it!


  • Jonathan Leake

    Love the DoF and simple colour adjustments.

    Is it an old frame for a sign or a swingset, as others have queried?


  • Miles

    Thanks everyone, I shot this on the same beach as the 'water log' shot from a couple of days ago. I have no idea what it is either but I would guess it either had a sign hanging from it (there's a new sign further along about beach conditions) or perhaps a life saver ring or similar. There used to be lifeguard on this beach, there's a rusty old high chair as well, so perhaps it was some kind of equipment that left with the lifeguard.


  • f.d.rahman

    i just saw your photo featured on the bbc news site. congrats!