Moon Rising - Canon 5d w/17-40

A long exposure shot on Centre Island.

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  • m.d.c.

    Beautiful composition, B&W, long exposure and format!


  • Joaquín

    Wow, this B&W is absolutly fantastic!


  • minimodi

    I like the movement of the clouds in the edges, feels like you get sucked in.


  • beyond bluestockings

    It has all the things that should make me like it: mackerel sky, water, rocks, evidence of action in the foreground.....

    But (and I guess from the other comments it's just me) I think it's too busy.

    Being a huge fan of your most minimalist shots, it could be merely a personal perception issue.


  • pernilla

    I love the tones in tis picture and the sky! Very beautiful.


  • John

    Fantastic night shot. Seeing some of the clouds blurred and some that look stagnant really adds to it.


  • Cees

    You did it again!! Great shot!!


  • olgafoto

    Beautiful composition, B&W, long exposure and format!


  • Johnny

    How is it that you manage to put up such good images on such a regular basis? Great work!


  • Eugene

    Beautiful B&W. I love how one can see the stars in the sky.


  • Miles

    Thanks everyone :)

    Beyond Bluestockings, I do know what you mean, I've been hanging on to this shot for quite a while now. I do like each element, the rocks, the sky and the beach in the foreground, but I've never been sure they all fit together. I almost cropped it to remove the foreground area altogether but just couldn't decide!

    Johnny, thanks, usually it's a mad scramble that often ends, like this one, with me raiding older images I haven't posted yet!


  • beyond bluestockings

    Miles, thanks for your response. Losing the foreground was what I was thinking, seems such a waste, being such an interesting foreground.

    It is a comfort to know you were undecided on this one. While I remain, as ever, in awe of you, at least I know now that it is not always with effortless ease that you produce your consistently high standard of images.

    I can't help liking you the better for the knowledge. ;)


  • Xavier Rey

    beautiful !


  • Ed

    Wow! Unbelievable sky