Pedestrian Sunday Busker - Canon 5d w/85mm

A busker performing at Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market.



  • Mirko Herzner

    I really like your angle here. Noone seems to be looking at you as photographer. Stunning street action.


  • lorenzaccio

    Very nice picture Miles! I love the set, the colors and particulary the depth of field.
    Did you work the DOF in Photoshop? Or it's just lenses aperture?


  • Miles

    Mirko, well the guy is juggling with fire in a dress up a ladder!

    Lorenzaccio, the DoF is all natural but the image is made up of two vertical frames stitched together to give you a wider point of view with the DoF of a longer focal length, in this case 85mm.


  • minimodi

    good work stitching them up (is it by the lamppost?) ...the DoF is great, I like that focal length!


  • lorenzaccio

    clever, and well executed!
    thanks for the explanation :)


  • Trevor

    Never knew what a busker was until now. Good shot of their show.


  • PIXistenz

    Wow, how did you get the background unsharp? Is this straight from the lens? If it is, I need prime lenses. :)