Unnamed Toronto Park - Canon 5d w/17-40

A new park in downtown Toronto situated on a large condo development. The 8 acre park was designed around the vision of author Douglas Coupland and features this over-sized red canoe pointing out over the Gardiner Expressway - Toronto's busiest 'river'. The park is yet to open and has not been named yet. You can submit ideas for the name here.



  • Mirko Herzner

    I like how the bright red canoe stands out from this perfect blue sky. Also the blue of the buildings' windows fits perfectly.


  • stephane

    Would have been perfect if the tower was in the middle of the two buildings.



  • Krista

    I rather like the way the CN Tower sits in this shot. It gives the feel of a real view of the Toronto skyline. Great shot!


  • 7times77

    this flashy red canoe and the scenery, invite to jump in and to dream.


  • laanba

    Love the red against the blue.