Three Canoes - Canon 5d 1/17-40

Three canoes, this time.



  • Ryan Rahn

    Similar clouds to the previous. I love the warm lighting on the kayaks and a simply *love* the color of the water - beautiful!


  • cees

    Really like the warm feeling in this picture. Nice colors!


  • ROB

    Excellent thirds. Unfortunately for you though, I think I see the conclusion to summer in this image.


  • 7times77

    So relaxing. The boats have the same colors like the sky, fine detail.


  • Andy

    cool composition and pretty nice warm colors. Like it! :)


  • Jason

    Awesome tones. I really like those fluffy little cloudes. These however, are kayaks :)


  • Miles

    Summer if definitely coming to an end Rob, but autumn is such a beautiful season.

    Jason, I'm English, they're all just canoes to me :)


  • miklos

    Oooooh haven't seen the site overhaul yet. Very nice!


  • Otto K.

    this is so nice. great light.


  • Eugene

    This is a very warm scene. I like how the three "canoes" are framed. Great movement in the water too.


  • Carmen Sisson

    Very nice, Miles. I LOVE shooting at that time of day. Such warm light. So peaceful.


  • Alex Bowler

    hey there. dont mean to plug my own stuff. but there was a really cool sunset this arv, reminded me of the snaps you take. this was my best attempt...;h=375

    i tried to get the multiple exposures for a more HDR effect, like your ones here, but had trouble merging them. i have photoshop, but i think the horizon had a bit too much going on...

    anywho, just letting you know. thanks for the inspiration!


  • Glen - Glen' photography

    Awesome photo.
    Great sky and I love the almost rainbow effect of the 3 canoes!

    Cheers, Glen.


  • laanba

    This is lovely. Such a peaceful feeling about it.


  • Shelley

    Love this picture.
    Found your blog the other day and love your images.
    Was flipping through some of your archive stuff and saw this picture...the two kayakers in the for ground is me and my husband. Love that I found this. We are regular kayakers and often see people taking photos, but have never seen any of them.