F22 and Two P51 Mustangs - Canon 5d w/200mm

I'm not that into airshows but when you live in downtown Toronto there's no escaping the annual CNE airshow. So I wandered down to the lake to see what all the noise was about. I shot this with a Canon 200mm prime and cropped it closer by about 75%. The 5d has a lot of pixels to crop and this is still the equivalent of a 5mp image. At 100% you can read the name of the foremost plane, "Princess Elizabeth."

For the record this was shot at 400 iso, 1/2500s, and f/8.



  • Mirko Herzner

    I think this was well worth the effort! Beautiful angle and great detail!


  • Kristian

    I love airplane photos and this is great.


  • pernilla

    Great shot. I like the shapness