Cirque Du Soleil, Ovo - Canon 5d w/20mm Cirque Du Soleil, Ovo - Canon 5d w/85mm Cirque Du Soleil, Ovo - Canon 5d w/20mm Cirque Du Soleil, Ovo - Canon 5d w/85mm Cirque Du Soleil, Ovo - Canon 5d w/20mm

More shots from the Cirque Du Soleil show Ovo playing in Toronto at the moment.

See my full set of shots from Cirque here.



  • urban dais

    The first two are particularly striking. I'm not a circus fan, but your treatment of the subject is worth viewing for it's own sake.


  • Frida

    I like them all but the second one is excellent!


  • pushthebutton

    Beautiful lines and angles in the last one.


  • minimodi

    I like the presence and detail in the second one. good work.


  • Joaquin

    The second one is fantastic! I went to this show in Seville (Spain) and it was great!


  • Number two, number two!


  • pernilla

    Excellent series! Love the first.


  • Luis Faustino

    I watched a different show in Lisbon, Portugal. Unfortunately photography was not allowed and the rule was being enforced actively..

    Good set of pictures you got!


  • Miles

    Urban dais, I had never been to a Cirque show before and would say the same thing as you. I thought it would be an interesting opportunity for photography though. I was amazed at how complex and impossible the acrobatics were, I couldn't believe some of the things they were doing!

    Luis, I managed to get in as media and they were still very strict. Any lights on the front of the camera had to be taped over and we were not allowed to stand up or even lean forward in our seats on penalty of being thrown out. Still, we were in the front row so I'm not complaining :)


  • clay curtis

    Excellent work. Really good stuff!


  • urban daisy

    Miles, I can see you certainly made the most of your opportunity. I agree that the things they do require amazing talent and skill, but the show we saw (can't remember the name, based loosely on the story of Icarius) was just a bit..icky. The kind of feeling where your mind feels a little bit grubbier for having been present.

    Despite my unfashionable thoughts on the cirque, I appreciate the skill with which you have handled your camera here. You're a star :)


  • photopicker

    I love to see this fantasy and mix of colors ... fabulous!!


  • photopicker

    I like to one in your blog roll ... I really love your collections


  • laanba

    More beautiful work from Cirque. Well done!


  • Bradley Baker

    I went to see it in toronto and it took my breath AWAY! , and im only 12 years old :)