Perseids meteor shower - Canon 5d w/17-40

Chris and I headed out to the Forks of the Credit park to catch the Perseids meteor shower earlier this month. The park is the closest place to Toronto with minimal light pollution. We saw quite a few but didn't manage to catch any in the camera.

We didn't get as many shots as we would have liked because shortly after we got there the humidity started building up, and pretty soon our cameras and lenses were dripping with condensation that fogged up any exposures over a minute.

It didn't help that I stupidly left a polarising filter on my lens for the first few shots. I figured it out eventually after still not getting any light during a six minute exposure!



  • rady

    Nice photo first of all. I also went that night in the hunt of perseids and thought i came home empty handed, noticed the meteor only after downloading the photos on the pc. I've only used 30s exposures, and i think you also captured a couple on this photo but they don't appear because of the small amount of light they provided.
    Thanks for sharing, big fan here :)


  • char

    Even though you didn't get as many shots as you would have liked, you got this one awesome shot. Thanks for sharing, it's really nice.


  • Jordi

    I've tried three times to take this night stars pictures and I always failed... to dark, blured ;(

    It is a very nice picture!

    Could you post the camera settings?

    Thank you very much!!


  • pernilla

    Very nice picture. Like the motion.


  • ROB

    Its amazing how much the world moves in 5 or so minutes. I'm inspired again to shoot some star trails, next no moon!


  • Glen's Photos

    Cool photo.
    A shame you didn't get any meteor's on frame.

    I get the same problem with dew at times. Don't really know of a good answer. Especially if you're trying to take wide angle shots.

    Great way to spend an evening anyway.