Canon 5d w/17-40 and ND8 filter

Another image from my early morning trip out to the beach last weekend. This one is a compositional disaster, both the log in the foreground and the groyne in the background are leading the eye off to the right side, into nothing and out the door. The sweep of the beach can't really compete. I should have flipped the log over so it was curving the other way and more to the right.

Still, it's all I have to post right now, and I like the flatness of the lake.

You can now buy cards and postcards of any of the shots on mute. Look for the link under each image.



  • Pikasso

    The water has come out really smooth and beautiful! Did you do any post processing ? What were the camera settings !


  • Miles

    Thanks. This one's made up of two images, one on top of the other. They were both shot in pre dawn light with an nd8 filter attached and at 100 iso. The top image, just sky, was about 30 secs, the bottom one about 90 secs.

    Post processing was a b&w conversion and some dodging and burning.


  • Joaquín

    The effect in the sea is fantastic, as the B&W process!


  • Raul

    I love these pictures, minimalist, quiet and perfect.



  • pernilla

    Love the sky and the water. Like the log to. It adds an interesting break in the costline.


  • urban daisy

    Thanks for posting your thoughts with the image, Miles, it is a valuable addition to the shot.


  • I dont mind that its leading you to nothing, steering you out to sea- and the unknown?


  • Yeah, I actually dont mind the composition, it does not bother me at all and I find it more interesting this way. I flipped the log and didnt like it as much.


  • POlydactyle

    Excellent composition and great use of long exposure. This b/w is just amazing. Great work!


  • Claude

    The sea is beautifully exposed - smooth as silk. I like the log the way it is, pointing to the horizon, it gives a more open feel.


  • Marinus

    Actually i like that the log turns to the empty space otherwise i think the groyne blocks it , now they lead you further into the image. the view at sea is always into the empty space... Only this way you miss the 2nd groyne.But the picture is a bit out of balance and i think its more cause there is a kind of wave in the horizon. Going up on the right.


  • Eugene

    Awesome composite...I can't believe how clear and lucid the water came out. What's your technique for post-processing B&W shots (i.e., conversion to B&W)?


  • milou

    Epic. Just my sort of cuppa.


  • Desmond

    wow thanks for the tip :)