Across the Lot - Canon 5d mk2 w/17-40



  • Turnbill

    I like how you've played with the depth of field on this. Not sure if was post-processing or a lensbaby, but it works very well with the car in sharp focus. Nicely subtly and give the shot a dream like quality.


  • Mohamadreza Aghajani

    WOW, absolutely love it.


  • Laurie

    Excellent. It looks like everyone else is gone. Nice lines.


  • Rolling red

    Love your b&w mood shots. This one is another wonderful example.


  • Gist

    It's an interesting shot, but I'm not sure about the depth of field, it seems a bit unnatural. Has it been post-processed ?

    Anyway...the more I look at it, the more I like it ^^


  • EliseSanchez

    I agree the dop seems unnatural. This difference would only be noticed by the trained photo eye. It adds interest. There is a feeling of hopelessness in this image. The city is so far away. The shiny car is so lonely.


  • martin_d

    looks like 17-40 tilt shift?
    nice b&w conversion, with kind of analog touch.


  • Miles

    Thanks all, like a couple of previous shots I've posted this image is made up of two frames of the same scene, one in focus and one out of focus. The idea here is create a feeling of unease and isolation.

    Here's another example,


  • Fritsch

    And you created that feeling perfectly. A great shot that reminds of some Edward Hopper painting. Hats off to this processing & it was love on first sight. Thanks for this one. Good luck & safe travels, Fritsch.


  • ReallyJapan

    great effect in this one


  • martin_d

    d'oh that's a kewl idea!