The Art Gallery of Ontario, Galleria Italia - Canon 40d w/10-20 The Art Gallery of Ontario - Canon 40d w/10-20 The Art Gallery of Ontario - Canon 40d w/10-20 The Art Gallery of Ontario - Canon 40d w/10-20 Frank Gehry - Canon 40d w/200mm Rubens' Massacre of the Innocents at the Art Gallery of Ontario - Canon 40d w/10-20

Some images from the opening of the transformed Art Gallery of Ontario on Thursday. The building has been renovated inside and out by 'starchitect', and Toronto son, Frank Gehry (pictured second from bottom, speaking at the press conference).

Much of the new gallery space created in the renovation has been filled with work from The Thomson Collection, which includes Rubens' Massacre of the Innocents, as seen in the last shot above.



  • John

    Your images are far more flattering than the NYT presentation...;sq=Toronto&st=cse
    The Rubens is a powerful installation.
    Well done Toronto, well done Mute.


  • Mike

    Impressive design.


  • Frida

    Such beautiful and impressive design.


  • Framed and Shot

    Looks like a very nice Art Gallery - full of light and with great architecture.
    You have captured it very nicely!


  • Linda

    Thank you SO much for posting these wonderful photographs. (If you can't get to somewhere you'd like to go to, some fantastic photographs really help:)/L


  • frizztext

    Massacre of the Innocents - an important topic - still today...


  • Laurie

    Beautiful work on these. Well done. That is a wonderful space from the looks of it.


  • Marcie

    Fantastic architectural images. Will look forward to seeing the gallery in real three-dimensions!!!


  • Jeff Ambrose

    I've seen some shots here and in other places. I loooove the wood they chose to use and that staircase is just beautiful. Nice work Miles.


  • Ian MacLellan

    Amazing lighting and contrast in the last image. You also do a great job with curves and distortion in the first images.


  • Westy

    thats cool how you list them the galery work is ace


  • milou

    What a spectacular piece of architecture and such sympathetic shots.


  • nataJane

    Wow, I wish I could see the changes! I'm glad you've shared these.