Italian Greyhound - canon 20d w/50mm

Something different from down under. This is my friend's pedigree Italian Greyhound. This was the only shot I got of her in focus, she's as nervous and flighty as a small bird.



  • Daniel

    Love this shot. I like the color one better then the b&w. I find the color gives it more emotion.


  • Keffer

    Great light


  • Justin Gaynor

    Wow, that focus is unreal Miles, beautiful image.


  • zora

    I like the b&w better, it leads the eye directly to your subject. That's my opinion.


  • James

    Great shot Miles, our two are difficult to capture as well, they're not skittish as such, just don't have much concentration!

    I love the colour version, the dog has a lovely colouring.


  • Neil

    Wow! Gorgeous dog, the razor thin DoF really drags your eye back to where it should be. The colour one works best for me too.


  • Justin

    I think the color and B&W versions are equally beautiful. Love the narrow depth of field.


  • Tanja

    This is beautiful. I like the colour version as well... the earth tones are too perfect to discard.


  • Otto K.

    Hmm, I like both version. The DOF is terrific here.


  • schmee

    i'm gonna go with the b/w on this one.


  • Turfdigger

    A friend of mine had an Italian Greyhound named Alfa many years ago - definitely a breed in full-motion most of the time! The focal separation here between her face and the remainder of the frame is just superb considering the circumstances - I like the b/w as well, but it seems that the separation is much more pronounced in the color version seen here.


  • Sunny

    hi miles! i don't know if you had a look at all my seychelles shots..there are many photos at the at the beginning

    (don't have an archive yet, sorry)...

    Really appreciate your comment :D

    i'm totally impressed by your wideangle landscape shots with those crazy blue skies :)

    -> i'll have to visit your site more often...


  • dennis

    hard to pick between the two. i think i like the colour, but i do love how the b&w looks very much like a photo from the early 1900s.


  • Jessyel Ty Gonzalez

    No freakin' way! That's unbelievable bokeh. What were you at with your 50mm - 1.4 or 1.8? I have never been able to get bokeh like that. And the colors are gorgeous. WOW!


  • Puja

    i've been in a colour mood lately... i dig it.

    your dof (or lack thereof) is consistently kick ass.

    as always, thanks for sharing!


  • Miles

    Thanks everyone, I really love what the 50mm f1.4 can do with out of focus areas. This was shot at 1/200s and f1.6.


  • Ash

    Beautiful shot... such lovely big eyes on the dog :)


  • Paweł Świnarski

    wow, great shot , amazing eyes has that dog


  • Maarten

    i go for the color version, the tones in the background at a lot to the image. Dof is great !


  • crash

    someone give that dog a donut! he's starving! amazing shot ...


  • nferreira

    Both images are fantastic, and the b&w version is very appealing, but the color version is more enjoyable.


  • Ashley

    they're both stunning


  • gSaenz

    great DOF. like the B&W better.


  • Toni

    This is freaking amazing.


  • James

    Nice! I like the colour version.


  • Jeff Ambrose

    Oh man I love this Miles, just pops out at you like crazy. Just great!


  • sari

    I like this. Prefer the color version.


  • thomas mueller

    wow, the way of dof works so well.
    and i prefer the coloured version because the grey and brown tones working together very well.
    a very beautiful dog!


  • Bruce

    Both versions are superb, although for lasting effect, the B&W has an edge.


  • armeen

    photographing pets can be very challenging. i like the way the eyes are captured here. both versions are beautiful. as for me i prefer the b&w version. in b&w the eyes are communicating differently and also the leafs on the ground become less distracting.


  • Tessa

    Scary, but splendid!


  • Jeremy

    Wow! Excellent processing! Striking image.


  • Robert

    Seems like an old image from the toning. Well done, especially with keeping the DOF large enough to cover his face, but ending it at his ears.


  • Zishaan

    Color definitely.


  • Paulo jorge Oliveira



  • ROB

    Her head almost seem seperate from the rest of the image. Quite an incredible effect really.


  • Pat

    This is a beautiful shot, the focus is perfect. I like both versions very much.


  • MarkDM

    You really captured this little dog's emotion - it looks like she's ready to sprint off at any second. I prefer the color version to the B&W, because the colors are muted enough that they don't steal attention from the greyhound's remarkable shape.


  • leeroy

    Me likes the B&W better. How many did you have to take to get one in focus?


  • jyoseph

    Really great shot, what lens/aperture you shoot this with?


  • Judith Polakoff

    Wow, great shot! The out-of-focus areas are wonderful, too.


  • peter

    I love the dof in this shot - and if you put a gun to my head I think I'd go for the B&W version, although it does seem to make the big leaf under the dog attract more attention than in the colour version.


  • pierre

    very good, the focus is snap on


  • marc

    hi there. I think the b/w version does not work for me: it reveals to much detail in the background and looses on the other hand to much of it on the dog itself. Peter described it very well: the big leaf under the dog attracts attention. But maybe it's also just how you made the b/w version in terms of color channel mixing. But the color version is fantastic, especially the DOF and light.


  • kristi

    you chose the right one. the color one is the best no questions asked :)


  • Mike Manzano

    The selective focus abstracts the image well enough; I don't think a further abstraction of B&W adds anything. In fact, it drains some of the impact.


  • Frank

    Amazing shot. This random feature on your blog is just awesome.