Graveyard Flowers - canon 20d w/85mm



  • Regis

    Very nice shot. There's definitely a beautiful mood to it !


  • eydryan

    i like it. i like all your photos, found them on stumble. i think it's the only photo site i ever bookmarked except my own :)) i love the contrast. do you shoot hdr? or is it all PP? also, do you shoot raw? if you have time drop me an email or something. i like your stuff and i'd like to chat with you about photography. i won't ask you to look at my photoblog but i think you may find some quite like your style. i'm not at your level yet but i'm hoping to get there :) so if you want to drop me an email. cheers mate :)


  • nferreira

    This last series of b&w photos are a treat to the eyes. :-)


  • E!

    Lovely. The flowers among the gravestones are so beautiful... delicacy among finality.


  • Miles


    Eydryan, I do shot RAW and I don't do HDR but I dodge and burn to create the contrast.